my mother pads her hand on the sofa gesturing me to come and sit with her. i fight to surrender as i feel like a mother is supposed to be the one in control, the one taking care of everyone, juggling all responsibilities and be patient and loving while she does, but the matter of the fact is i never needed her care more than i do now
i never felt as vulnerable as i do now. i need a place to rest on her chest. and as i finally give in to the reality of this moment. she tells me all i need to hear. like she read all the anxious thoughts i’d written last night.
i am all tensed up and so tired
mother: ‘are you happy here? how are you really doing?’
he makes fun of me and that hurts
mother: are you and he ok? is he really listening and does he take it seriously what you have to say?
am i doing okay as a mother or did i mess them up already?
mother: your aunt says you’re a great and gentle mother and that’s what i always tell the world. ever so effortlessly she blew away clouds in my mind, like she used to kiss away the pain when i fell. there is only one true medicine for the vulnerabilities of a mother. that is the comfort and support of one of her own.

– mothering mothers.

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