god complex

we sit in silence
i transcend existentialism
i get the purpose in life
i see god breathing
how he inhales life, through you
ironic isn’t it
that you’ll never comprehend
you are god.

a mother and her lover

yesterday you mumbled your first i’m in love..
with you. i am with you i whispered back.
not once considered you’ll love another.

i’ll have this moment forever.
a mother and her lover.

i’ll be the only one to remember.
a mother and her son.


will you boy?

will you draw circles
around your navel to
trace back
the vessel whom fed you.

will you be soft
like you were when i first held you
will you surrender to rythms, curves, currents
when they appear a new

when you meet moon and ocean
will you be gentle
when she arises
in you. 




photography by Ramona Deckers

Posted by:motherofminimalists

Online creative Digital editor Mom

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